Medvending Summer 2014

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Medvending Summer 2014

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Last summer AccessAbility Medcare started a vocational training program called AccessAbility MedVending. This branch of our company placed and maintained several state of the art vending machines in Montgomery County. It’s been a year and we’re happy to say that we’ve made MedVending a successful business as well as an invaluable job training opportunity for our students.imagejpeg_46

Negil Chacko and German Chacon maintain several vending machines in the Montgomery County area such as AndrewTech Automotive, GlobalNet Services, Anytime Fitness, and our very own Jena’s Integrated Therapeutics center. The snacks sold include healthier alternatives to the junk food sold in most vending machines, and these alternatives include protein bars, fruit juices, and gluten free snacks. Our machines don’t contain candy or sodas.

Our students are responsible for many vital processes vital processes of keeping this business running. Keeping our inventory stock organized can be a challenging task with dozens of items being moved every day but our students keep the stock organized so we can carry on our daily tasks efficiently. Our students also go on site with Negil or German and place the snacks in the respective slots inside of the machines. Lastly, the machines transmit data electronically each day to us. It is the students’ responsibility to decipher this data and advise Negil and German which products need to be restocked or replaced.

We’re looking forward to seeing MedVending grow with our students. MedVending is one of the many ways we’re preparing our children to become confident and productive people.