AAMC’s Annual Holiday Party 2015

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AAMC’s Annual Holiday Party 2015

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New Years is not only a time for new beginnings but also overviewing the past year. This last year, AAMC’s technicians and students grew and learned immensely. Every day we learn something new, such as what works best with students and how to develop trusting relationships with them. It is truly amazing to see our students grow over time.

       At this year’s holiday party at the clubhouse in Rockville, we celebrated everything we’ve accomplished as a team and celebrated what is to come at AAMC. We had a wonderful lunch and sat around tables as the family that we are. Of course we had tasty desserts the kids loved as well. There was also a movie theater and a pool table. A wonderful slideshow of pictures from the past years was on display for all to enjoy. Also, we had Andres, our DJ, who really got the party going with fun music. The students, technicians, and family members all danced together. Everyone was smiling and full of joy. It was beautiful to see our students dancing and letting go.

       Kat, one of our student’s older sister, gave a touching speech about what it’s like to be a sibling to an individual with autism. She moved all of us and articulated what we all felt – our love for our friends with special needs and our commitment to walk beside them through thick and thin. It was a great reminder to us of how important our job at AAMC truly is.