AAMC’s 2016 Holiday Party

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AAMC’s 2016 Holiday Party

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On Sunday, January 3rd, AccessAbility MedCare hosted their Annual Holiday Party and Open House at Jena’s Integrated Therapy (JIT) Center! It was an amazing day, filled with fun, friends, great food and fellowship! It was such a great opportunity to meet all of the wonderful people who make up AAMC’s community, and introduce ourselves to new students and staff members that others had not yet had the chance to speak with. It was amazing to see all of the students and staff having fun, enjoying the great food and the amazing music which was DJ’d by our very own Samuel and Brian! After the party was over, a few other staff members headed over to the St. Francis of Assisi’s Church for a special mass ceremony celebrating individuals with special needs. DJ Samuel, also made a guest appearance in their choir! It was a wonderful day with the AAMC’s family and we look forward to many more celebrations!

“I went to the JIT party. First I ate lunch. I ate meatballs and salad. After I ate lunch I danced a lot. I saw my friends dancing too. Then I ate cookies. I walked with Jessica. Then I played on the swings with my friends. I went back to JIT I sat with friends. Mom and I went back home. I had fun because the party made me happy. Next time I will say ‘bye’ to Dominic.”
Written by one of wonderful special needs youth.


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