Annual 2017 All Staff Hands On Training!

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Annual 2017 All Staff Hands On Training!

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The Annual 2017 All Staff Hands On Training, which took place in July at the SAH (Samuel’s Accessibility House). It was a huge success and further prepared our new staff to work more effectively with our JIT Students, and current staff with greater awareness of the available tools and resources for working with our students! Dr. Powers has provided a new location for our young adults program, to have recreational activities as well as a safe place for learning and growing in their vocational job specialties. The training event provided our staff with insightful information, rigorous training, lots of yummy food, and great fellowship!

It is always a privilege to serve our students at JIT (Jenna’s Integrative Center)! We work hard to not only provide the best training to our staff but also learn how to keep a positive and empowering environment. Some of our staff is pictured below in the group photos.

We thank all out Staff for coming out to our training and working so diligently in providing our students with the best care! Keep up the good work and we will be sure to continue the good work set out before us.

~Blessings to you all~