Summer 2017 Toss and Fun Camp!

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Summer 2017 Toss and Fun Camp!

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Summer 2017 Toss and Fun Camp

In August our staff and students went to Needwood Park for a peaceful nature walk and adventures exploring the woods! It was a great time had by all, especially the students-who loved the long walk and took advantage of all the space in the greenery and fluffy shrubs along the way.

Fun at the Needwood Park


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In June our staff and students went to Blueberry Hill Park and played toss games. We split into two groups for both activities and then switched half way through. The two activities were corn-hole and playtime with the parachute. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the warm summer weather! There was lots of fun had and a great many lessons learned about sharing, teamwork, and initiative. The JIT team enjoyed their time together being together with good friends to the JIT community. The staff took turns sharing and incorporating their fine motor skills with the students. The students were filled with joy and laughter as the staff explained what to do at Blueberry Park. Even though the students were happy with joy and compassion, they learned they had one thing in common: to work together as a team and to have fun with one another. The team leaders were doing a great job showing the kids how to behave with vigor and confidence.