We are a health agency established in 2010 to provide direct services to our vulnerable friends and family members, our loved ones who have special needs of various concerns.

AccessAbility MedCare, LLC was founded and is led by Dr. Rosemary Johann-Liang Powers (Dr. Ro), a physician with over 25 years of clinical and public health experience Dr. Rosemary Johann-Liangand service.  Her life is a dedication to protect the vulnerable, promote access, advocate for the disabled and foster ability for all people.  She has been at the bedside and alongside of patients and families (one child, one youth, one family at a time is our motto) with disabling conditions encompassing AIDS and cancer to physical/developmental disabilities as well as autism spectrum disorders.  She has also worked to improve the bigger picture of public health programs and policy as supervisory medical officer at government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Health Resources and Services Administration, and in the private sector as a clinical trials consultant and physician advisor.  She truly understands what it is all about, not only as a physician and a health care provider, but also as a parent and caretaker. Her daily struggles and triumphs with her own special needs children was the inspiration behind the start of this agency.

We started in 2010 serving our special needs children/youth including those approved under the Autism Waiver.  With programs offered every day (after-school/home and community services Monday-Friday with specialized music & movement program on Saturdays, dog therapy followed by group swim on Sundays and Theme Camps all through the summer, winter and spring breaks), we continue to expand our care for children/youth in a community engagement model. In 2013, we added Adult Life Planning consultation and by 2015, with a new therapy center in Derwood, Maryland with multiple experienced Transition Specialists, certified Support Brokers, and Vocational Training programs, our agency stands out as a Center of Excellence in assisting transitioning youth and their families from childhood disability services to adult disability services.  With New Year’s Day of 2016, we opened vendor services for adults receiving Department of Disabilities Association (DDA) benefits under the self-directed services.  In 2017, we are adding pediatric and adolescent medical practice to our services.  Our aim is to enrich the medical care of our patients by being a medical home, a place to coordinate the medical services that our pediatric and adolescent patients/families can turn to.  We promote access, foster ability, and now enrich the medical care for all people!

Let Us Help

Let us help with you and/or yochildren playing Dominosur loved one’s special needs.  We will create an individual plan with you and provide practical and direct care which will advance positive health with dignity and know-how.