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JIT Therapy Center’s Address

Pediatric and Adolescent Practice Address

15847 Crabbs Branch Way, Derwood, MD 20855

15851 Crabbs Branch Way, Derwood, MD 20855 (started 4/10/17)

Office (Mailing) Address 15915 Emory Lane, Rockville, MD 20853
Phone (240) 912-5914 JIT center;  (301) 774-2995 (Pediatrics Office)
Fax (240) 465-0396
Email (Child and Adolescent Therapeutics, Autism Waiver Services, Adult Special Needs Services, HIRE MANAGER)
Email (Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine)

Supervisors and Consultants

Rosemary Johann-Liang Powers, M.D.,FAAP, President/Director, Pediatrician

Carol Flannery, Special Educator and Family Consultant

Jenny Foster, M.S., M.Ed., Transition Specialist, Adult Life Planning Practitioner, Family Consultant

Kathleen Abrams, MA, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech & Language Pathologist, Family Consultant

Pamela Ekpone, Ph.Ed., Special Educator, Adult Life Planning Practitioner, Family Consultant

Kimmy Clark, Ms, BCBA, LBA, Family Consultant

Frida Cancino, Special Educator and Family Consultant

Beenish Awan, Special Educator and Family Consultant

Geeta Shah, M.D., FAAP, Pediatrician

Direct Care Staff

Many, Dedicated and Wonderful!

Health Technicians (supporting children and adolescent clients)

Personal Support Professionals (supporting adult clients)

 Administrative Team

Lydia Bernhardt

Erica Moy

Pratik Parmar

Beth Cocker

Jessica Kim 

 Therapeutic Integration Team Leaders

Linda Petersen:

Gabriel Cuevas 

Erica Moy

Negil Chacko:

Orlando Amaguana:

 Service Specialists Teams

Orlando Amaguana, MedFit Program

Negil Chacko, MedVending Program

Komi Godo, MedVending Program

James Hwang, MedMusic Program

Marsha Iyomasa and Shannon Hall, Dog Therapy Trainers

Timothy Hancock, CPT, Certified Personal Trainer

Jackie Zamora, Zamdance Instructor

Virginia Scuderi, Aromatherapy and Wellness Advocate

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Team

Rani Joseph, Office Manager

Kelli Carter, Front Desk Staff and Medical Assistant

Nancy Scamordella, Medical Assistant

Sarah Tivade, Office and Medical Assistant


Email with Subject Line: For HIRING MANAGER, AAMC about [Job Position]. Please specify which of the positions above you are interested in and attach your resume. Our hiring is at on-going basis.  Referrals are welcome!


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