About Dr. Rosemary Powers

Dr. Rosemary Powers

Dr. Rosemary Powers is a double board certified pediatrician with over 25 years of experience spanning a wide-range of services in clinical and public health medicine.  She graduated from New York University School of Medicine and trained at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Centers in pediatric residency and pediatric infectious diseases fellowship.  She remained as faculty at Cornell Medical College and practiced at New York Hospital both with well-child care in faculty practice and with very ill children at the hospital, particularly children with cancer infections and children with acquired immunodeficiency syndromes. When she moved with her family to Maryland, she worked to improve public health programs and policy as supervisory medical officer at government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Health Resources and Services Administration, and in the private sector as a clinical trials consultant and physician advisor.  She health care agency, AccessAbility MedCare, with the motto of “one child, once youth, one family at a time to promote access and foster ability for all” has been assisting children and youths with neurodevelopmental disabilities, particularly autistic spectrum disorders, since 2010.  The inspiration behind the establishment and growth of her health agency is her own children with chronic disabilities.  Her life has been a dedication to protect the vulnerable, promote access, advocate for the disabled and foster ability for all people.   Now that her children are growing into adult services, she is delighted to be returning to her first vocational love which is practicing pediatrics and adding pediatric/adolescent medicine care to her agency which will further provide comprehensive health delivery to all our children, youths and families.