We partner with our community opportunities to provide the following Med-Programs for our participating Youths.

These Med-Programs are assisted and supported by our Staff at one-on-one to one-on-two ratios for optimal engagement and growth by our participating Youths.  Our Adult Life Practitioners and Our Vocational Trainers are on the continuous look out to build partnerships in the community for our Youths.  Parents are encouraged to participate as a community host site if applicable situation can be set up.

MedVending – learning to shop, inventory and stock vending machines

MedMarket – learning to create crafts and sell them at various forums

MedVisArts – learning to assist artist equipment

MedRedCross – learning to put deployment packages together

MedOffice – learning to do data-entry and administrative office tasks

MedGarden – learning to sow seeds, water and nuture nature

MedDisposal – learning to recycle and trash management

MedRefurbish – learning to cleanup old computers and refurbish

…and more to come